Jessica Beth Little

All the pressure.

Have you ever had to introduce yourself to a group of people you didn't know, but you wanted them to like you, and you knew the first words out of your mouth would define who you are in their eyes?

I've always been hustle and bustle--to do lists, sticky notes, reminders on my phone. I planned out every day one junior high summer, and I felt so accomplished ticking off every check box.

So, that's still me. That 7th grade girl who doesn't quite fit the mold and is always trying to be a step ahead.

Move over, Olivia Pope, I'm handling it.

However, I'm learning--presently, currently, not perfectedly--how to take life as it comes instead of planning the life out of it. I'm not there yet, and in my journey, I refuse to be little, even if my name defines me in that way.

this is temporary, but i needed a pic to see it all working.