aaron's 30th in portland

Aaron is good at surprises. He can keep a secret for a long time.

I'm not as good at it.

However, for Aaron's 30th birthday, I wanted to surprise him. We had already planned to visit our friends, Matt and Sarah, who had just moved to Portland, so I decided to add a fishing trip with some of his best friends on to that trip.

In January, I asked his buddy Josh to plan it all--I gave him some ideas, Matt's contact info, and a list of some guys then I tried to put it out of my mind. 

May rolled around, and I couldn't keep the secret inside. I told anyone who would listen and almost right in front of Aaron! But, we made it to our Thursday morning flight without him finding out, and I woke up to a text from Zimmer, one of the guys on the trip:

Secret message
Operation could be in jeopardy
Frijole will be attending the Same west coast location

After reading through the text a couple of times, I realized Frijole, or Beans as we call him, had missed his Dallas flight and would be on our flight from San Diego to Portland.


And his name was on the stand-by list, so I could just hear them announcing his name over the loud speaker for Aaron and everyone else to hear. I couldn't even handle it. The whole morning as we finished packing and made our way to the airport, I was semi-freaking out.

We got to the terminal, and Beans was texting me the whole time:

Eagle grounded. Clear skies

Sitting in the corner right next to gate 1 door

She's just gonna say Zach (that's his real name)

We walked in the terminal, and I scanned the entire area. I didn't see him right off the bat, so I figured Aaron probably wouldn't see him. However, he was so close to us that he got a video of Aaron (he's in the blue zip-up with the gray backpack):

One seat left. Last call.

By this time, we were already on the plane, and I was thinking of anything and everything to make sure Aaron didn't see Beans walk down the aisle to his seat. It was a totally packed flight.

Walking down tunnel

Thankfully, for the first time in his life, Aaron was still trying to download some podcasts instead of people-watch. He was fully engaged in his iPod, and Beans, hunched over with his hood on, sped down the aisle.

It was definitely one of the funniest things I've ever experienced.

We made it to Portland, ran some errands while Beans met up with the other guys, and then we were ready for the surprise:

I still can't believe we pulled it off, and I'm so thankful all those guys were able to be there to celebrate him! They stayed the weekend in a house on Columbia River, where they spent Friday fishing. Aaron's dream.

While he fished, Sarah and I explored Portland--hiking, and eating at nice restaurants dressed as hobos, and books-on-books-on-books. But that post is for another time.

This year for his birthday, we still fished, but it was just the two of us. We'll be coming home from Green Valley Lake today, eating Texas Roadhouse on the way and reminiscing on the last 6 years of birthdays. I'll probably never top his 30th birthday in Portland, but I'm so glad it happened the way it did.

Happy birthday, my love. Let's celebrate 100 more. 


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