I'm-a a diva, I'm-a, I'm-a a diva

Pantyliners, pads with wings, overnight pads.

Light, regular, super tampons.

I don't know what you use, but they're all a pain and a mess and never really leave you feeling safe enough to wear white pants before or after Labor Day (is that still a fashion no-no?). There's nothing you can truly trust.

This isn't an, "Until now!" moment as much as it is a, "But maybe!" moment.

Periods are gross and messy, and I hate them but understand--and appreciate--their necessity. I don't love the pain, the mood swings, and the food cravings, but even more, I cannot handle the feeling of wearing some of the disgusting feminine products that are available.

Don't get me wrong: I'm so grateful for the people who designed the feminine products listed above, so we don't have to use a rag, for crying out loud. I'm just sick of them.

So, I've found an alternative.


My periods are super consistent, 28 days to the hour, but the flow isn't. My first 3 days are guaranteed to be really heavy and full of cramps, but the last 3-4 days may be super light, or they might be just as heavy.


  • I used Regular tampons. They leaked every two hours.
  • I wore an overnight pad for 7 nights straight because I never knew when I'd be light or heavy.
  • I bought a new box of the largest amount of pads and tampons every 2-3 months, which totals to be about $25 each time, so at least $100/year.


  • On my heaviest day, I can wear the DivaCup with no leaks for 8 hours.
  • I've become the master of emptying and re-inputting it in a public bathroom. I try not to have to do that, but because of Youth Camp, Missions Trip, and working 45 minutes from home, I end up in those situations from time to time.
  • I don't wear an overnight pad to bed anymore!
  • I bought the Diva Cup in January 2015 for $35 and then a new on in December 2016. Outside of pantiliners here and there, that's all I've spent on feminine products in two years.

It's seriously the best thing I've done for my period. Check out their website for more technical information, and if you have questions about it, or if you've had an experience with the DivaCup, leave a comment below!