cleaning compromises

I went to SAGU for college, and every week we had room checks. Some RAs would give a heads up about when the room checks were happening, but other RAs would just pop in at some point in the week.

Lacey, my first roomie, and I did a pretty good job of keeping our room clean at the beginning--we set up a chart--remember, I'm an Upholder--and made sure we and our suitemate Tiffany did our share of the job before room checks.

I honestly love the feeling of a clean room and bathroom, so a weekly schedule of cleaning wasn't a struggle for me, and it really helped me when I got married.

My husband's mom cleans houses for friends from time to time. She is so good at it, and she loves it. So, Aaron grew up helping her clean houses, and, when we got married, he and I quickly learned our ways were very different. 


We're almost five years in to this marriage thing, and we've found a pretty good groove: 

He's tall, and I'm short, so he gets to dust and sweep.
I make the biggest mess in the kitchen and bathroom (makeup and hairspray, duh), so I get to clean those.
I cook; he does the dishes.
He doesn't know where my clothes go, so I do the laundry.
He takes out the trash because, well, the dumpster is on his way to work (I work from home).

None of this is required, of course, but it's nice to have some boundaries for each of us. Plus, it helps us serve one another better.

And, now that my little sister lives with us, she does a lot of the dishes and cleans the bathroom, which keeps some of it off of us. 

So, that's the backstory. I've learned a lot about cleaning since we got married--don't put a red rag in with white towels, be careful about what happens after working with bleach, read the directions over and over when creating your own detergent--and I can't wait to tell you all the embarrassing stories!