going public

Do you remember the first time you told someone--besides a relative--you loved them? 

The hope in your heart, the fear in your gut. 

Maybe you'd planned it all out, and you had this grand moment, and it all worked out perfectly--the love was returned and celebrated. Maybe it was totally spontaneous, a response to a moment you didn't want to forget. Maybe it was a reply to someone else's confession. And maybe, just maybe, you're still with that person you first loved and professed that love to.

I don't remember the first time I said those three little words. But I can remember when Aaron said it to me the first time. My heart rate went through the roof, my mind started racing, and I knew my words would completely influence his response to me.

Maybe I'll tell ya that story someday.

It's been a month of blogging, and if I'm truly gonna not be little, I've gotta tell some people about it.

For now, just know, my heart rate is as loud as my sister's footsteps, my mind is already ten posts past this one, and I know the words I type will completely influence the way you respond to me.

If this is your first post to read, welcome! If this is your eighth post to read, props for being here! And if you're interested in reading more, subscribe! I hope to make you not regret it.