june food calendar

Ah, summer.

For some of you, life has come to a crawl. School's out for you or your kiddos, and the heat of the summer has caused you to not want to be creative in the kitchen. An oven in this heat? Who are you kidding? And if you're like me, you don't know how to use the grill--I will learn one day just not today--so sandwiches or restaurants become your best friend.

Others of you are like me, and summer just causes you to have to manage your time better. All the graduations, all the weddings, all the camps, all the things. And at the end of the day, you realize you have nothing in your fridge to cook much less time to cook it in. 

But, that's where the Food Calendar comes in handy. Plan the food and then prep it before you get to that busy moment! I like to use Saturdays or Sunday afternoons cutting my veggies or thawing Monday or Tuesday meat. Thursdays and Fridays require more mindfulness, but I typically remember dinner about 3am on Thursday morning--it's a healthy grind.

No matter how you prep, I hope you do! And I hope you will try one of these recipes and let me know how it works for you--or, better yet, if you're nearby, come over and eat it with me! Text me if you're on your way!

6th, Tuesday: Rustic Summer Vegetable Pasta with Roasted Green Beans
All the veggies. All the time. These two recipes make me sad I haven't started a garden yet. But, I do live in Southern California, so maybe Aaron and I will carve out a Saturday and pull weeds and till and replant. Or maybe not.
I started a garden! Also, the summer veggie pasta was delish. But, I just love regular ol' green beans, so I wasn't too impressed with the roasted ones. It was a nice try!

11th, Sunday Student Lunch: Chinese Chicken Salad
This is one of my favorite spring recipes. Cabbage, chicken, bacon, green onions...with a red wine vinegar dressing. Yum. Over the years, picky students are skeptical of lunch, but I've not met a person who doesn't like it. Typically, when they know it's coming, they flock to our house. So, I'll probably be making three or four batches of this lunch.
We've canceled lunches for the summer, but I still made this chicken salad for my friend's wedding! 

13th, Tuesday: Bierocks and Mama's Warm German Potato Salad 
Aaron grew up eating a lot of German-influenced food, and his momma taught me how to make some of those recipes! Bierocks is definitely a favorite around here: rolls stuffed with cabbage, ground beef, and cheese then dipped in queso once they're cooked. Mmmmmm.
What was I thinking? It is too too hot to eat this. I'll probably move it to September.

15th, Thursday: Grilled Sausage with Summer Vegetables and leftover potato salad
Expectation: have leftover potato salad! You don't need to eat all of that!
Reality: Probably no leftover potato salad because it was so delicious. Skimpy dinner.
Reality was true because I didn't make the potato salad! But the summer veggies and grilled sausage were perfect!

23rd, Friday lunch: Cool & Crunchy Chicken Salad
One of my besties is getting married on this day, and she loves chicken salad. So, we'll whip this up the day before--adding some apples of course--and enjoy it before the wedding!
I added apples, and this chicken salad was so good! I'll probably make it again in August for lunches because it was so easy!

29th, Thursday: Southwest Steak & Potatoes with Roasted Fresh Okra
The first time I had a garden in San Diego, I learned most San Diegans don't know what okra is.
"It looks like a jalapeño."
"Is it spicy?"
"How do you eat it?"
So, like a true Southern gal, I fried it and let 'em try it. This time, I'll have to do some research to find okra, but I think roasting it will be delicious!
I was feeling overly ambitious when I wrote this food calendar--this didn't happen at all. But, my okra plant is looking good, so maybe at the end of summer I'll cook some of my own okra!

30th, Friday: Arugula Pesto Chicken with garlic bread
Aaron is not a fan of pesto, but he doesn't mind when I try different recipes on him. So, we'll see how this one does. If you have any pesto recipes to pass along, please do! We'll find one he likes!
Definitely moving this one to next month because it looks so easy, and it would be great to eat outside on our patio!

Well, there's tiny June! If you missed any May recipes, check back and see what I thought about each recipe! :)

Some meals don't link to the recipe since it's not online; if you're interested in the recipe, leave a comment, and I'll get it to ya! I've also asked Taste of Home to partner with me in providing yummy recipes, so the best way to do that is with the links provided and by subscribing to their magazine! They have a paper and an online option!