freezer gunk

I never saw my mom clean our fridge and freezer, although in hindsight I know she did, so I never thought about the fact that the place I store all my food needs to be cleaned every now and then.

So, this was my freezer last Saturday:

When I was taking stuff off the racks, I felt pretty good--the racks weren't super dirty, nothing was sticking to them, and I thought the cleaning process would be pretty simple.

Until I moved the drawer.

Um, gross.

Years ago, I found Jillee, from One Good Thing, who gives a lot of great cleaning advice. I take a lot of good info from her, like cleaning with vinegar.

Jillee uses ammonia, but I don't always have ammonia on hand; I do, however, always have vinegar on hand because there are lots of ways to use it for cleaning, so to clean my fridge and freezer.

I started by taking all the items out of my freezer--meat, veggies, fruit, a couple pastries--and putting them on my counter for a bit.

Then I took out all the removable shelves, even the door shelves, and the drawer, and I put them in warm, soapy water. That's when I discovered the gunk at the bottom of the of the freezer. But I wasn't afraid! I had a spray bottle with equal parts vinegar and warm water ready to spray on all the gunk!

I sprayed all the pieces of the freezer very liberally and let it set while I cleaned the shelves and drawers. After towel drying those shelves, I took a rag to the freezer.

And I wiped off the nasty gunk.

Wiped it off. No elbow grease required.

Isn't that beautiful?! Vinegar and warm water, a rag, and 15 minutes did the trick.

I don't love cleaning, but I do love knowing I can go from the first picture to the second picture in 15 minutes--that motivation is what keeps my house clean. 

How do you clean your fridge/freezer? How do you use vinegar in your house?