cleaning with sugar

Some cleaning is kept private. Like, it's not household cleaning. However, it's still upkeep that makes something better.

It doesn't necessarily need to be talked about, and some people hire others to do this cleaning, but this kind of cleaning is so beneficial once it's over.

I'm talking about hair removal.

Cleaning may be a   s t r e t c h   as a definition of hair removal, but in our 3 Cs of Womanhood, that's the category it fits in best.

I got married in August--almost 5 years ago, y'all--and knew I would be wearing a swimsuit on my honeymoon. A friend of mine recommended I get waxed, so I didn't have to worry with shaving during the time we were gone. 

I had honestly never even considered it.

So, I took what I knew about waxing--eyebrows were my only experience--and did some research.

There are tons of different ways to remove hair from the body:

  • threading
  • hard wax
  • soft wax
  • laser hair removal
  • sugaring

My time frame was very limited, as was my budget, so I knew laser hair removal was out. I was familiar with soft wax because of my eyebrows, but the other three options--threading, hard wax, and sugaring--were not familiar to me.

Threading, using twisted cotton thread to pull the hair from the follicle, was ruled out pretty quickly. I'm not even sure they do that on the bikini line. 

Hard wax looked scary painful.

Sugaring, though, was interesting to me. I watched a ton of YouTube videos about how sugaring pulls out hair with the growth instead of against the growth, making sure to get the root of the hair. Also, I read it is less painful and lasts longer, which is always a plus.

So, the Monday before my Saturday wedding , I had an appointment. I was a little freaked out and unsure what the recovery would be like, but I decided if it was terrible, I would have five days to recover.

It was painful.
It was awkward.
I was embarrassed.

But it was so worth it.

I was sore for a day or two afterward and then I just basked in the excitement of not having to shave on my honeymoon! It was wonderful!

Lani offered a deal if you came to her every four weeks, so I did, and the second time was way less painful, awkward, and embarrassing than the first. I got sugared for the first four months of marriage then life got busy, and we moved, and finding a new person was not a priority.

Two years into living in San Diego beach culture, I decided I'd had enough of shaving. I found a place who did sugaring and made an appointment. After getting undressed and lying on the table, I realized this pregnant lady--who had to leave to vomit twice during our session--was only certified to do hard wax.


I was already there, bared before her, so I decided to just endure it.

It hurt so bad. I cried and rushed home to sit on the couch with a cold rag on my skin. I was sore for a week.

Another year went by, and I decided to try to find someone again, this time looking only for people certified by Alexandria like Lani was.

I found a place, made an appointment, and I'm back in the game, y'all. I go every four weeks from April to September, and it makes summertime so much easier.

If you want to try it, here are the two places I'd recommend:
Wichita Falls: Spa on the Plaza
San Diego: Molly's Sugar Shack

If you go to Molly's Sugar Shack, tell her Jessica Little sent ya, so I can get $10 off my next visit! ;)

If you're not near one of those places, search Alexandria's estheticians to make sure you get a person who uses their methods. I am not recommending anyone but Alexandria since that's my only experience.

Prices vary, and it can be pricey, but it is so worth it, especially living in a place where people could decide to go to the beach at any moment without warning.

And if you're going for the first time, expect to be a little tender for two days according to my friends, Bree and Sav, who reminded me to write this blog.