shower scrubbin'

I don't naturally love to clean, but when I find a way to clean something easily with low commitment and high satisfaction, I actually enjoy cleaning it!

I also don't love the smell of chemicals or the idea of what they might be doing to my body when I breathe them in, so over the last few years I've stopped buying store cleaners and have started using cleaning agents I already keep at my house. In this case, I used dawn and vinegar:


I can't take full credit for this genius idea because I found it on Pinterest a couple years ago, but I love to share it with my friends and family because it takes the annoying task of cleaning an awkward space into an easy task that can be done daily, if you want.

Fill up a dishwand scrubber with equal parts Dawn Dishwashing Soap and Vinegar then shake it to mix up the two and start scrubbing down the walls and the floor of the shower.


I usually get in the shower, scrub down then rinse the walls and floor then wash myself. It only adds 10 minutes to my shower routine, which is really great to me! There are three of us that use our shower (not counting people who visit!), so I scrub it about every ten days. 


Once I'm finished, I leave the mix and scrubber in the shower, and if I notice any spots between cleanings, I clean 'em up!

Cheap and simple--that's a great way to clean!