july food calendar

My dad turned 60 on Monday, July 10th, and my sister, her boyfriend, my hubs, and I flew from California to Oklahoma on July 6th to surprise him--we even pulled off a surprise party for him with lots of people to celebrate!

So, my life has been consumed with his party and two weddings in June, which means I cooked a lot less than I expected, and we ate out too much. Sorry, budget.

July isn't much different, schedule-wise. We are gone to camp for a week then will spend a week with my company at the end of July, so I'm only cooking in the middle. See what I'm cooking and come join me if you're in San Diego!

14th, Friday: Walking Tacos
This little treat is just frito chili pie in the mini chip bags. But it's so delicious. After a week of being away and before a week of VBS, it'll be nice to sit on our back patio and just munch and chill.
We really enjoyed these! In honor of our friend Vinita who passed away earlier this year, we paired this Southern snack with Hot Rod and enjoyed her favorite movie on her birthday.

17th, Monday: Pesto Turkey Sandwich with Strawberry Mustard
Doesn't this sound delicious? Aaron always eats a big lunch on Mondays, so a refreshing, yummy, sandwich might be just the ticket. Plus, no cooking and lots of easy leftovers for lunch the rest of the week!
THIS WAS A SCORE. Aaron liked the two flavors together!!!

18th, Tuesday: Chicken Tzatziki Cucumber Boats and 9-Layer Greek Dip
This sounds a little too healthy for our lifestlye (haha), but I think it might be delicious and light, which is perfect for summer. I'll probably skip the peas, though!
These were so so yummy. We paired the boats with KC Steaks instead of chicken, and the dip was ohmyword amazing.

22nd, Saturday: No-Bake Cereal Cookie Bars Recipe
Aaron loves Cinnamon Toast Crunch, so I'm gonna find a way to create these yummy bars with those. If they're successful, they may make their way to Youth Camp with us on Monday.
Aaron and I both loved these. High on carbs but so so yummy as a dessert.

At some point this month, I plan to make Fudge Pops and Sue's Chocolate Zucchini Cake. Maybe my garden will give me some zucchini by the end of July to let me try it without getting groceries! We'll see what happens.

Well, there's the four days I'm cooking in July! If you missed any June recipes, check back and see what I thought about each recipe! :)

Some meals don't link to the recipe since it's not online; if you're interested in the recipe, leave a comment, and I'll get it to ya! I've also asked Taste of Home to partner with me in providing yummy recipes, so the best way to do that is with the links provided and by subscribing to their magazine! They have a paper and an online option!