august food calendar

August is here, which means life will slow down just a tad before students go back to school. We'll celebrate our anniversary, and we'll say goodbye to tourists at the end of the month, making the beach much more enjoyable. Sorry not sorry.

5th, Saturday: Breakfast Burger
After a day at the beach, a hefty breakfast burger will be a yummy way to start our Saturday before cleaning and getting back into our normal routine.

8th, Tuesday: Beef TipsRoast Corn on the Cob, mashed potatoes 
My dad sent lots of beef home with me on my last trip, so I'm excited to use some of it for this dinner.

10th, Thursday: Lemon-Dill Salmon PacketsGolden Zucchini Pancakes
I love salmon, and these zucchini pancakes seem so interesting. This will definitely be the most out-of-the-box meal.

14th, Monday: Veggie Black Bean PastaOkra Roasted with Smoked Paprika
By then, my garden should have some veggies to add to this meal! However, right now, it doesn't look like my okra plant will make it. So, I might be investing in another. I need that okra!

15th, Tuesday: Turkey Pesto Lasagna, cauliflower toast, and salad
Still searching for the perfect pesto. For this lasagna, though, I sub ground beef for ground turkey simply because we like beef better.

25th, Friday: Smoked Sausage Breakfast Hash
I'll make this and put half of it away for breakfast on Saturday before our all church work day.

28th, Monday: Smothered Broccoli ChopsSouthern Cornbread Salad
Pork, broccoli, cornbread. Need I say more?

29th, Tuesday: Skewerless Stovetop KabobsBasil Grilled Corn on the Cob
I discovered last month that corn is so delicious and low in carbs and calories. It's definitely an easy-to-process starch though, so moderation is still key.



I always forget to prep for lunches then make bad decisions. But after I realized how much I love chicken salad in June, I tested how different foods mess with my energy levels in July and decided I have to have more veggies and protein but less carbs. So, here are my lunches, outside of leftovers, for this month:
Bacon Chicken Chopped Salad, Chicken Taco SaladGrilled Chicken Chopped Salad, and Fresh from the Garden Wraps


I bought the stuff for fudge pops, but look at these two other chocolatey goodies:
Chocolate & Peanut Butter Crispy Bars and Malted Milk Cake and Fudge Pops
We'll see if I make time--and carb room--to make them this month.

August will slowly get back to normal, and I'm excited to be back in my kitchen! Make sure to see what I said about our four meals in July!

Some meals don't link to the recipe since it's not online; if you're interested in the recipe, leave a comment, and I'll get it to ya! I've also asked Taste of Home to partner with me in providing yummy recipes, so the best way to do that is with the links provided and by subscribing to their magazine! They have a paper and an online option!