just thinx about it

I took a while to get on this Thinx train, but now I'm on it, I'm not getting off.

I have a couple friends who have tried Thinx and gave me their referral code and told me all the great things about it, so I decided to dive right in the first time during a wedding in Texas.

I bought a cycle set, which means I bought three pairs of panties, and yes, it cost me $71 whole dollars, but I was willing to take a chance.

Lemme just give you two great reasons why Thinx and Diva Cup will be my period go-tos:



Have you ever been on your period and then had to fly somewhere? How 'bout period+flying+wedding+Texas heat? That combination definitely would've caused me to leave my Nuvaring in for an extra four days. My period plus just one of those factors would've done me in.

But that was before Thinx.

Aaron and I left our house to board a plane at before-sunrise-o'clock, and I was just determined it would be a good day. I had my Diva Cup, and instead of loading up on pantyliners, I was wearing the Hiphugger Thinx panty.

Ya know how there are major temperature fluctuations on planes? Ya get on, and you're fuh-reez-ing with teeth chattering and everything, so you put on your socks and hoodie.

But then the airplane gets in line. And for some reason, when it's in line, the air no longer works. So, you're smothering. You take off the socks and hoodie, but you're already sweating in all the wrong places, and then if you're on your period, you begin to question your protection.

Some of y'all are embarrassed reading this, and others of you are nodding your head like you've been there. If you've not been there, oh, I am so proud of you and jealous. But it will inevitably happen to you so just invest in Thinx already.

Anyway, I'm sweating. And I can't get up because the seatbelt sign is on, so I decide to just forget about it and trust my Diva Cup is doing her thing, and if she's not, Thinx is backing her up. That's why I bought them, right?

I'll spare you the rest of the details, but here's the bottom (ha!) line:

I had very little time to keep up with my Diva Cup because Aaron and I were visiting with all our friends we never see, and I had major FOMO, but even though I overflowed in that arena, I never overflowed in Thinx.

And let me just tell you: in a pantyliner, I totally would've.


Our region of churches came together for an all night event.

I was in the middle of my cycle, which is semi-heavy, but I knew I'd have no time to pause and pee, so a Diva Cup overflow was pretty much out of the question.

Sports Thinx.

I wore those from 4pm Friday night till 10am Saturday morning, and they soaked it all up. I didn't feel uncomfortable, they were dry although I know my flow did not stop, and I didn't worry one time about bleeding through on my sister's overalls.

The way I use them on the regular is like this:

Day 1: Diva Cup
Day 2: Diva Cup + Sports Thinx
Day 3: Diva Cup + Thinx Thong
Day 4: Diva Cup + prayers for no day 5

Then every night, I sleep in the Hiphugger Thinx. That might sound gross to you, but they are dry every time I take them off and put them back on.

At the end of my cycle, I rinse them all (yah, that's the most disgusting part) until the water is clear then throw them in the washing machine with my workout clothes: splash of vinegar, no softener, no dryer sheets.

Then I fold them, and they're ready to go for my next cycle!

If you have any specific questions about my experience with Thinx that I didn't cover, ask! Periods are difficult already; there's no point in being uncomfortable and worried during those 3-7 days of torture.

If you want to try Thinx, use my referral code to get $10 off for you and for me!