#minsgame: week 2

It's Day 17 of the #MinsGame, and I have finished (maybe) cleaning out my kitchen! I've moved on to the hallway closet and the bathroom.


Some pots and pans, metal bowls, lots of utensils, and Christmas kitchen stuff I always forget to put out.

Then, I went through our bags and purses. I regularly clean these out, but this time I asked myself, "When was the last time you actually used this bag?" instead of using the mindset of "But I might need it!" And, it turns out, it had been longer than two years for most.

Hair accessories that I bought thinking I'd use them and never have, along with a couple of blankets that are getting a little dingy all made up days 11-17.

Total for this week: 98 items.

Total for last week: 55 items

We're up to 153 items, and next week is 147 items in itself! I'm about to get real picky in my bathroom and guest bedroom drawers.

Are you playing? Do you think this is crazy?? I wanna know!