#minsgame: week 3

Hello, Day 24 of #MinsGame! We've got some clothes, old dish rags, an iPhone I haven't yet sold, and some picture frames, along with the bathroom stuff I've either never used or had for a minimum of ten years. 


I was surprised I found 147 items as quickly as I did. My bathroom, laundry area, and kitchen gave me 125 items, and on the last day, I found a bag of clothes and wandered around my area of the garage to find the other 22 items.

I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to find 196 items next week. Aaron's gonna look through the garage, but we will see if there's enough for 196--it might come down to an over-abundance of nails or something. 

Total for this week: 147 items

Total for last week: 98 items

Total for week 1: 55 items

We're up to 300 items, and my house is feeling great!