#minsgame: we did it


Well, we did it.

Total for this week: 150 items

Total for last week: 147 items

Total for week 2 : 98 items

Total for week 1: 55 items

Total total: 451

But, I know I threw away 45 items I didn’t count while I was cleaning out cabinets, and I didn't think I'd need to count them, so I'm counting them now.

The trash we took out last night covered the back end of our Kia Sorento. 


And the other items we donated were snug in the middle seat.


From this process, I learned a couple of things: 

  • Aaron and I aren’t much on hoarding. We do a pretty good job keeping things cleaned up, and we don’t have much attachment to stuff, which is great.
  • We hate clutter. Over the past month, I kept piles of stuff around the house in order to take pics of it and to give it all away at the end of the month. I strongly believe outer order=inner calm, and the clutter all around caused for less inner calm. So, if we do this again, we will get rid of stuff as we go.
  • Recycling feels good but gains very little. I recycled all those jars from week 1, and got $2. But, I really did feel good about not just throwing them away, so now I have a bag to put jars to take them to the recycling place.

I’m glad we did the #minsgame, and I think we’ll keep applying the minimalist principal in our lives because my house feels so much better. 

And it would be clutter-free if I’d just finish my 100 crafts I’ve started.