three things i'm loving

In this love month, I want to tell you about three things I'm loving in life.


Aaron and I bought a MoviePass in November and have since seen most movies that have come out in theaters. We've even seen The Greatest Showman three times--and I plan to go watch it again by myself next week because I can and because I can't get over how amazing the songs are.

MoviePass is a $10/person subscription-based program created by the makers of Netflix which allows you to watch unlimited movies in theaters. It seems there should be a catch, but there's just not.

Here's what you do:

  1. Set up your subscription to MoviePass, download the app, and wait until your card comes in.
  2. Once you have your card, go to a movie theater. 
  3. At the theater, or within 100 feet of it, open the app on Android or iOS and choose the time of the movie you want to see.
  4. Buy your ticket from either the kiosk or a person and use your MoviePass card to pay.
    When you choose the movie time on the app, the movie price is loaded on your card.
  5. Use any movie theater rewards you get for snacks!

It's super simple, and unless you normally buy tickets online--and pay those service fees, what?!--your process won't be any different. 

The only downside I've experienced is having two separate cards for Aaron and me. But that is so minimal that it's barely worth talking about--but in full disclosure, there ya go.

Cast Iron Skillet

When Aaron and I got married, we were given three specialty Bobby Flay cast iron skillets. One had a grate on it like a grill, one was for tortillas, and I don't even remember what the other one was for.

I never used them because they were obnoxious and hard to clean. So I sold them.

Then, over Christmas, Aaron's momma found some cast iron skillets on sale and asked if we wanted one. I told her the only cast iron skillet I wanted was the really big, deep kind she had that she made her berry cobbler in.

And she had one.

I lugged that thing on the airplane, and I've used it every morning to make breakfast since I got it. In fact, I use it for every meal. There is nothing that thing cannot cook!

Limelight Makeup

Aaron's cousin Toni introduced me to Limelight by Alcone, a skincare and makeup brand, in Fall 2016. She gave me some face wash, moisturizer, and face masks. Now, I'm not really the type to use nice things on my face, so those samples sat in my drawer until August 2017.

Then I used them, and they smelled clean, and my face felt amazing, and my oils felt under control. I told Toni I liked the face stuff, so she sent me more samples as well as some makeup samples.

And now I'm sold. I've bought everything Limelight as I've run out of my other makeup, and I won't go back.

I have super oily skin, and it keeps my oils under control; the makeup stays in place because my oils are in control, and the primer and setting spray are my new BFFs.

I've never had makeup stay on my face for a whole day, but now I have to use a makeup wipe to take it off every day, which I thought would be a nuisance, but my face smells so nice after I use my homemade makeup remover. It's seriously the best. 

My sister Alyssa sells it as well, and I'm all about spreading the word, so if you wanna try a sample, let me know, and I will hook you up!

What are you loving this month? Or just in general in life? I'd love to hear it in the comments!

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