april food calendar

The month of March included eating out with all the people and road tripping with moving snacks, so we didn't really have a food calendar. We spent a quarter of our typical budget on groceries.

So, in April, we're back at it. And after going through Whole30 a month ago, I learned a few things about myself I plan on implementing:

  • Breakfast is ALWAYS worth making time for. And make it big.
  • Lunch needs to be high in fat to make it to dinner without a snack or crash.
  • Dessert can equal taking one bite of something sweet.
  • Bread, rice, and pasta are not household items.
  • Anything that is packaged can be substituted by something fresh.

I'll dive a little deeper into Whole30 in a later post, but I'm keeping these things in mind as I carve out my food calendar.

And, since my new zip code doesn't allow for HelloFresh, Blue Apron, or Prime Now, I'll be doing lots of grocery shopping each week on my trip to town.

Monday, April 2nd: Spaghetti squash, roasted chicken, steamed broccoli
Since I got rid of everything in my freezer when we moved, I need to build up the standard items I keep in there like chicken broth. I put a whole chicken in the crockpot on low and follow this recipe to add my flavor. After 6-8 hours, I remove the chicken and veggies and strain the broth into a cupcake pan. It always smells like health in my house when I'm making this recipe.

Tuesday, April 3rd: Taco Tuesday, y'all!
I got some ground beef from my dad when we were with them on our road trip, so I'm thawing out one of those logs and cooking as much as I can with it. Plus, I got tajin in a going-away basket, and you know I'm putting that on some radishes and cucumbers. Oh, yum.

Saturday, April 7th: TexMex Breakfast Haystacks
These look really yummy, and we love to eat a big breakfast on Saturdays. I'll probably replaces the bacon with some ground beef for a different flavor, but I'm most looking forward to that sauce.

Friday, April 13th: Stuffed Peppers
I love stuffing a bell pepper with chicken or beef and topping it with taco toppings. I use the red peppers because they're typically pretty sweet, but I've used green, yellow, or orange before too. This week's pepper will be filled with chicken, cheese, cabbage, green onion, avocado, and the sauce from the breakfast haystack. YUM.

Monday, April 16th: Super Quick Chicken Fried Rice
We've eaten this multiple times, and it's always a major hit! This time, though, I'll sub the garden vegetable rice with roasted cauliflower rice in bigger chunks. This is one of Aaron's favorite dishes I make, so it's a tricky switch, buuuut it might just be worth it!

Tuesday, April 17th: Chinese Chicken Salad
I'm crossing my fingers for warmer weather by this time because I'm craving some of my momma's version of Chinese Chicken Salad!

Saturday, April 21st: Breakfast Spuds
I'll use real sweet potatoes and roast those in the oven the switch the ham for bacon, and we'll eat this up really quick on a Saturday morning!

Monday, April 23rd:Greek Chicken & Artichokes with roasted green beans
We have lunch out for Staff Meetings on Mondays, so I try to keep this meal light. I'll sub the rice with some cauliflower rice and maybe make a dressing of sorts to put on the green beans.

Tuesday, April 24th: Parmesan Pork Chops, broccoli and cheese, sautéed squash
These look delicious. I need to get some nut crumbs from my friend, so this dish will push me to do that! Plus, you can't go wrong with broccoli and squash as sides, especially in the spring.

Friday, April 27th: Steak, Grilled Southwestern Potato Salad, roasted brussels sprouts
This sounds like summer. And if the weather is right, and our patio is set up, we'll definitely be sharing this meal with friends.

Saturday, April 29th: Brunch Hash & Egg Bake
I'll use leftover feta cheese and my dad's italian sausage to make this brunch favorite. I haven't mastered egg wells yet, though, so we'll see if I can keep from smoking up the whole house.

Monday, April 30th: Zoodle Spaghetti and salad
I love zoodles. I like to get a big bunch of zucchini, zoodle 'em up, and freeze them 'til I need them. That will be the plan for this meal, especially since we're coming into summer. The more I can freeze, the better prepared I'll be for summer meals. I'll add some ground beef and tomato sauce for the real spaghetti consistency, and we'll eat it with a mixed greens--the one with swiss chard--salad.


Currently, my favorite breakfast is kale, almonds, bacon, and apples. I like to sub the almonds with pecans, bacon with eggs, and apples with sweet potatoes or homemade hash browns for a totally different flavor with the same filling.


Leftovers is always something we’ll use, and I will definitely be looking forward to the Chinese Chicken Salad leftovers! I plan to make Cabbage Cucumber Radish Salad with chicken and Strawberry-Chicken Salad with Buttered Pecans, and I might throw some Easy Asian-Style Chicken Slaw in the mix.

No desserts and minimal snacks during February! Gotta tame that Sugar Dragon and remind my body that I don’t need food in between meals!