one word [review]

Some people start their year with resolutions or goals. I definitely do that. But after listening to LifeChurch’s Small Things, Big Difference series a couple years ago, I also start my year with a word. Something to craft my year around and keep my focus.

Find out more about my word and quote from last year’s posts.

Since I started choosing a word for the year, those words have carried over. In 2014, my word was Discipline, and I focused really hard on being disciplined that year. But it wasn’t until 2015 that I saw the results of discipline in my life.

In 2017, my word was Humility, and, let me just tell you, in 2018 I still had many carryover reminders of humility. I truly believe that 2017 set me up to continue focusing on how God crafts humility in our lives.

My word for last year was Self-Control, and I tried to live by this idea:

i can only control myself, and i should.

Over the last twelve months, I’d find myself frustrated by the actions of someone else or that my actions didn’t create the results I wanted, and I’d quote that to myself. It reminded me that control only exists within myself. I can only control my actions; I can’t control the results of those actions or how people perceive those actions, but I can control my actions.

Combining Self-Control with Humility resulted in a lot of apologies in 2018.

I learned that when my frustration seeps through, my actions can be rash and just downright rude. When I didn’t practice self-control, I had to practice humility and apologize for the lack of control I had over myself.

Although apologizing can sometimes be embarrassing, since it’s literally admitting what we’ve done wrong, I found that it strengthened a lot of relationships. It’s a confession about our character, which helps others see vulnerability and allows them to feel safer than they felt before the apology.

So, in 2019, I’m gonna continue to sharpen my Self-Control, and I think I know my word for 2019, but I want to let it simmer for another week and find how God wants that word to take shape in my life right now.

Stay tuned.

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