Winter, Week 6

I got my text about what will be in my CSA box last night, and here’s what it said:



I just can’t even handle all this cabbage. I made Cabbage Rollups a couple weeks ago, and they were not a hit. I love coleslaw, but holy moly, I can only handle so much. I have chopped cabbage sitting on my cutting board right now because I don’t know what to do with it!

Aaron and I are trying to drink more smoothies this year, so I found a couple recipes from a google search that say you can use cabbage if you add celery as well. Y’all, I’m definitely gonna try it!


The rest of the items make me excited:

  • I’ve read that roasted turnips are as good as roasted potatoes.

  • Rainbow carrots are fun to look at, and they’re sweeter than regular carrots. I’ll probably try Melissa Urban’s honey-lavender butter carrots that she makes at Thanksgiving.

  • I discovered beets a couple years ago, and they are truly nature’s candy. I’m gonna roast those pretty little things like crazy.

  • Turnip greens are the best in salads. I add some Keto Ranch and minced garlic to roughly chopped turnip greens, and YUM.

  • I don’t remember what Pak Choi is, but if it’s anything close to Tatsoi, I’m so down. I’ve been subbing tatsoi in any recipe I use spinach—salads, smoothies, rice—and it works so well. I even keep the stem!

Ways to Use What’s in This Box

Carrot Stems

I chopped all the stems up, removing about 4 inches of the stems closest to the carrots (because they were toughest), and sautéed them in butter with salt and pepper. Really simple.


When did I eat this?

  • As a hot salad along with a calzone

Turnips & Rainbow Carrots

Turnips make me feel a little intimidated, but I’ve read they can be good in place of potatoes, and especially when they’re roasted. So, I cut up all my rainbow carrots and turnips, and mixed them with 1/3 cup butter (and the bacon grease left on this pan), salt, and pepper, and I roasted them on 425 for 15 minutes.


When did I eat this?

  • I split some of it up, let it cool, and sautéed it with jalapeño cheddar links and tatsoi for a hash, of sorts.

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